Characterized by redness in the face, blushing can be caused by feelings of shame, anxiety, or nervousness. The term blushing should not be confused with flushing, where the redness is extended in the person’s body. Physiologically, it is caused by the widening of the capillaries located under the facial skin. When these capillaries widen, more blood rushes through resulting in the face getting redder.

When blushing, the body releases adrenalin that causes the capillaries to widen. This release is triggered by intense emotions. Although, there are individuals who blush for no apparent reason and often diagnosed with a highly active sympathetic nervous system or a medical condition called Erythrophobia.


People who experience this often feel that they have no control over their emotions, which triggers blushing. The majority of these people are teenagers who can be considered as emotionally immature and further affected by hormonal activities. But for adults, it could be embarrassing. If you find yourself frequently embarrassed because of blushing, there are treatments that you can explore to control it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This treatment involves altering how a person feels and thinks in particular situations. By teaching them how to cope and manage such situations, they would be able to control their blushing. Hypnotism is also used to manage this condition. By providing suggestions to the persons subconscious, blushing is managed.


People who blush often feel anxious. You can relieve anxiety by employing breathing techniques that would help you relax. Once relaxed, you can manage your emotions more easily and effectively control blushing.


If your blushing is triggered by irrational fears, confronting them is highly recommended. People who blush often find themselves in a situation where their level of self-confidence is quite low. If you determine the cause of your fear, confront and overcome it, then you will no longer find yourself with a red face.


Prescription drugs such as anti-depressants or beta-blockers are known to relieve anxiety. For really severe cases f facial blushing, some people undergo a procedure called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, where nerves that control the widening of the capillaries are cut.

For women, there are products in the market that can be used to camouflage the redness of the face. These products come in the form of color-corrective facial moisturizer that can be used under the foundation. Some men are also known to use this moisturizer since there are brands that are not too easily noticed.



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