Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Decorating ideas for your home is about budget friedly ideas to put your house in a great shape.When it is time for a change in your home and you are concerned about the earth, you want to find eco-friendly chic decorating tips you can follow. Luckily, numerous decorating companies understand your desire to protect the environment. Not only do they make products from recycled materials, but they also offer sustainable goods. The following tips will make your home both eco-friendly and beautiful.

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1. No matter which room in your home you are redecorating, chances are you will want a luxurious rug in which to sink your toes. Eco-friendly rug manufacturers make hypoallergenic rugs with materials that keep the environment in mind. Choose rugs that do not use formaldehyde and other toxins. Your family and the environment will thank you.

Decorating Ideas for Your Home

2. Re-use and re-purpose items you may already own. If you are trying to find ways to separate the living space in a large room, a screen divider is the perfect solution. Make a screen divider out of one or more screen doors. Add a panel of fabric over each door and hinge them together. The nice part of this idea is that you have reused something you have on hand and you can change out the fabric with the seasons.

3. Natural materials are also a part of eco-friendly decorating. If you must purchase a new piece of furniture, find one that is unfinished. This will keep harmful stains out of your home. Instead, rub mineral oil into the wood to protect it and create a warm glow.

4. Another option for a “new” furniture purchase is to look at places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other consignment stores. Quite often, you can find just what you are looking for at a reduced price. This will keep items out of the overfull landfills and more of your money in your wallet.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

5. Bring the outdoors into your home. You can place live plants around your home to make it more “green.” You can also bring in natural elements. For instance, if you have a large glass vase, put pine cones, dried seedpods, or fruit into it. You can also place bowls of fruit on tables. Let your family enjoy the fruit to keep it from spoiling; you can always replace it.

6. Add a water element to your home. You can do this with a water fountain or by placing colorful jars on a windowsill with plenty of sunlight during the day. The water will absorb the heat as the sun shines on it and then release the heat at night to warm the room.

Home Decorating Ideas on the budget

7. Use natural materials like wicker baskets or wooden crates to contain items instead of buying plastic containers. This will give you the storage you need and allow you to continue with your eco-friendly chic decorating.

Consider what you want your home to look like and then find eco-friendly options. By using these ideas, and thinking of other ways you can make your home “green,” you will be doing your part to help the environment.


Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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