Do you have a stinky breath? Do you notice your friends and acquaintances trying to back off from you every time you speak? Well, bad breath or halitosis, as it is known medically, is a very common condition that affects millions of people. It is common and not something fatal, but bad breath can be a big turn off, the reason that many people are trying to find ways to totally cure it.

Curing bad breath is as easy as pie. Yes, that’s the truth. But, it is important to make sure that you are eager and ready to invest efforts and time for you to successfully prevent or cure it. Curing bad breath needs action, dedication, and interest.

To begin, it is wise to consider oral hygiene. Oral hygiene, in fact, has long been considered as the first vital step to curing bad breath. So start by cleaning your mouth daily. Brush or clean your teeth, tongue, and gums to eliminate the bad breath causing bacteria. Scrape your tongue first thing in the morning and before bed. Apply a dental floss or wash your mouth with some kind of mouthwashes. This way, the decaying food particles and bacteria that cause bad breath can be eliminated.

However, when curing bad breath with a mouthwash, it is best to consider first if the mouthwash you are using contains antibacterial properties or is capable of neutralizing the volatile sulfur compounds. You can’t expect a mouthwash to work on its own for curing bad breath without these properties. In the first place, a mouthwash that is antibacterial can greatly play a part in curing bad breath as it helps to lessen the total number of anaerobic bacteria that are present in your mouth. And, since the volatile sulfur compounds are the primary cause of bad breath, it is best to find a treatment that is capable of neutralizing these bad breath-causing compounds. Note that if a mouthwash can help to minimize the concentration of these compounds, the more pleasant your breath will be.

Curing bad breath also involves knowledge about the foods that may trigger bad breath to occur. Yes, the type of foods you intake may be one of the biggest reasons for your bad breath. So it is best to watch out for what kind of food you eat. Among the most common bad breath-causing foods are high-fat foods, sugar, exotic spices, and some dairy products. Also, foods that are very high in acid can trigger the growth of bacteria in your mouth, and those that are high in protein and fat may not digest well and give off gas, causing bad breath in the long run. To prevent it, try to eat more fruits that contain digestive enzymes. According to some experts, vegetables can also help, especially the leafy green ones. And, if you want to see positive results, try to avoid excessive intake of beverages such as coffee and tea.

There are other possible, effective ways for curing bad breath. Certain traditional and modern medications are out there for you to consider. Perhaps the best way for curing bad breath is to combine the traditional and modern techniques, and never to forget consulting a dentist about any of the available treatments before using it.

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