I’ve read over and over that when it comes to building a website and getting a lot of traffic to it “Content Is King.” If you do a search for any topic you will find the websites that come up in the Top 10 all have a lot of content on their websites.

How To Add Fresh Content To Your Website Easily

When someone does a search they are looking for information and the search engine’s job is to provide it to them. For your website to increase in popularity you have to constantly be adding fresh content. This will increase your ranking for the keywords on your site and ultimately increase your traffic and repeat traffic.

Here are a few simple things you can do to add fresh content.

1. Do you publish an e-zine? If so add a file to your index for each issue and archive it online. This will bring all kinds of keyword-rich content to your website on a constant basis.

2. Start and article page. Add new articles to it. If you write out your articles on your website. Subscribe to a few e-zines that are industry related. If you come across an article you like add it to your page.

3. Add Free Syndicated Content Feeds to your article page. This is really easy to do. All you do is copy a few lines of code into the HTML of your web page and you have a constant stream of new articles for your readers. Here are 2 of my favorite sources:

4. Add Pay Per Click Advertising to your site. Most people think of PPC advertising as a way to promote their site. I have found it very easy to build new web pages around different keywords relating to the theme of my site and actually get paid for the click. One of my favorite pay per click advertising sources is SearchFeed. This is very easy to work with and provides a nice income boost every month as well.

Here is an example of a page I built around the SearchFeed advertising model. Notice that I have made the look of their box compliment my own page. Also, a key here is that as the advertisers with SearchFeed change so does the content on my site and I never have to do anything except add some easy code one time.

I have an article on the page and I change that periodically as well.

5. Start a Link Exchange Program. This is a little harder to set up and is time-consuming, but I have found it to be worth the effort. In a future article I will go into detail on how to properly do link exchanges. For now, just let me say that linking is a great way to constantly be adding new content to your site as you link with new websites that complement yours.

One company that does a great job if you don’t want to spend much time linking is LinksManager. They manage reciprocal links and help increase your website traffic through linking with other like-minded quality sites. Check them out here:

6. Think outside the box. It is worthwhile to continue to think of new and easy ways to keep adding fresh content to your website. Go to Google and do a search for Fresh Content For My Website without the Quotation marks. Currently, there are over 1.9 million results that come up. Everything from cut-and-paste charts, to RSS feeds and a lot more.

Website Content

In conclusion “Content Really Is King. I have found my position with the search engines to improve dramatically when I really started building more web pages and adding more fresh content.

It is time-consuming at first, but the payoff, in the long run, is worth the effort when the search engines reward your effort and your traffic and income grow proportionally as well.

Writing periodic content and adding it to your website has become the blood for a new website to be noticed.

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