Bowling is one of the easiest sports to learn. It has been around for centuries and is played by professionals and amateurs worldwide. The best place to practice is at the bowling alley where a friend or an instructor can teach you everything about the game in a few hours.

Bowling alleys have balls and shoes that customers can borrow/rent off the racks. After determining the right shoe size and the weight of the ball to use, it is time to go to the lane and start practicing. It is advisable to get a lane far from other people to avoid distractions.

A lot of people achieve strikes or even spares not because of talent but out of sheer luck. A beginner should not feel discouraged when he can only bring a few pins down or when the ball goes down the gutter since this is perfectly normal. By listening to the instructor and focusing on each shot, the score will gradually improve and be better than those bowlers who have no training.

The bowling ball is a spherical object that has holes to allow the person to get a good grip before releasing it. It involves inserting the player’s middle and ring fingers into the holes and there are three ways to do this.

The first is the conventional grip which lets the person put the two fingers in the holes up to the second joint. The second is the fingertip grip which puts the two fingers in the holes until the first joint. The third is called the Sarge-Easter Grip where the two fingers are in one hole but this grip is only used by experienced players.

The conventional and the fingertip grip will usually be introduced by the instructor. The player will then choose which is more comfortable. Players usually take three steps forward before releasing the ball. This makes the proper approach and follow-through important to be able to hit the pins a few yards away. This can be done by using the arrows, markers, and dots to guide the ball to its target.

To become as good as the pros won’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of time and practice to do the proper drills in order to get it right. Aside from the instructor, another person that can help is the lane operator. These people are there every day and learning a trick or two can improve one’s game.

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