Why Natural Remedies Are a Great Way to Go In 2020

Why natural remedies are a great way to go in 2020 is mainly due to the Corona Virus pandamic.Most people view Hospital environment as a great danger for acquiring COVID 19.For this reason most people have resorted to alternative medicine otherwise known as natural remedies.Natural remedies are the alternative medicine of the future. They are not only helping us now but also working to make us healthier in the future. They can and do work miracles for the body and mind.

What is Natural Remedies?

Why do I like natural remedies so much? Natural remedies are safer than prescription drugs. They have no side effects at all.

Why Natural Remedies Are a Great Way to Go In 2020

The fact that they do not have strong alternatives means they work very well on a single person. Since they do not contain any dangerous chemicals, there is no danger that one person could become addicted to them. Many people are not able to get on with the medicine, but find the effect very pleasant.

Often times we do not even know we are suffering. This is because people tend to suffer when they are tired or stressed out. The only way you can know what you are taking is to ask someone else who has taken it.

Natural remedies are an alternative medicine that is making great strides. They are doing this by focussing on the whole human body. They are finding more remedies for many illnesses of the body.

Herbal Remedies

Each thing that is used is unique to different things. For example, herbal remedies are effective for treating colds. However, they are not effective for curing all colds and also can not be used if the cold is viral.

Some remedies can cause stomach upset. When a stomach upset occurs, the remedy does not work. It is important to understand what each remedy does and to discuss it with your doctor before you use it.

You can expect the best results from natural remedies when they are organic. Organic herbs are grown without pesticides or chemicals. They are not a cheap option either. They can sometimes cost up to a hundred dollars per bottle.

Benefits of Natural Remedies

However, the medicinal benefits are worth it. They have fewer side effects and do not interfere with prescription drugs. This makes them a very effective choice for health maintenance.

Is there side effect of using natural remedies?

With natural remedies, you do not have to worry about side effects. You just need to find a remedy that works well for you. If you want, you can always ask your doctor to give you some tips on which ones will work for you.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, natural remedies are a great way to go. They help you avoid the dangers and harms that modern medicine can cause. Plus, there are no harmful chemicals involved so you can keep using them.

How Altenative Medicine has helped African Countries!

Africans were exposed to natural remedies way before orthodox medicine was introduced to them.They can point to a plant,a herb or a weed as a remedy for any named disease.Generations after generations taught their children has to use these herbal medicines.

There are even documented folk tales about how African hunters understudied  sick monkeys and Chimpanzees on the herbs they would pick as medicine.These are then tried on humans and they proved to work.

The death toll of COVID 19 patience have been lower in Africa mainly due to natural remedies.People are using nuts like Bitter Cola to boost their immune system.Steeming in hot water with Nim Tree leaves are also being used as altenative medicine in absence of an orthdox cure.I am not by any means prescribing these as a cure for COVID 19 but simply as some of the alternative medicines being used by Africans.


Why Natural Remedies Are a Great Way to Go In 2020

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